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Pictures from Lish

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Lish.jpg (231992 bytes) Me and my apartment.

 lish and companion.jpg (304784 bytes) My first meeting with my first companion. Shower.jpg (429119 bytes)What were we all thinking?! (for you and Vance only) This is the lovely showering conditions of the MTC!  We brought chairs into them to relax after a long day. As you can tell, we were stuck in that [lace for too long.  Enjoy and Happy B-day.

basketball.jpg (251302 bytes) Big ballin' on the local hoops!


  Humble.jpg (600602 bytes)Blurry, but you get the point! HA!  NASCAR.jpg (357033 bytes)My Comp (next 2 me) and then Elder Mackibsack (short one) and Elder Bingham (big ol' one).

Nuke em.jpg (297243 bytes) Some signs after the Sept. 11 attack. Differing views between the neighbors don't you think?

temtaton.jpg (301006 bytes) Peepel in Tennessee can't spel wurds wright! Dum peepel!