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Some of the reasons Steph and Jenn love England, and why they can't decide which side of the Atlantic they want to live.

Battle abby outer walls.jpg (266027 bytes)  Outer wall of Battle Abby, Battle England

Battle England.jpg (160487 bytes)

Battle England   Sight of the "Battle of Hastings" fought in 1066

Flowers in garden Heaver castle.jpg (305665 bytes)

Flowers in garden Heavers Castle

Heaver castle.jpg (248791 bytes)

Heavers Castle         Childhood home of Anne Bowlyn - Wife #2 of Henry the Eighth

Rose garden Heaver castle.jpg (279125 bytes)

Tudor Rose garden at Heaver Castle

Saint Martin.jpg (205033 bytes)

St. Martin in the fields, Trafalgar Square, London England

Fox on the river.jpg (245212 bytes)

Sunday lunch at Fox on the river pub - Thames Ditton England

Hampton court.jpg (297158 bytes)

View from Fox on the river pub to Hampton court palace grounds

Ski Utah.jpg (232962 bytes) Ski Utah

Why Steph and Jenn returned to Utah.